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Construction Chemicals

Acrylic Fibers For Elastomeric Coatings and Damp proof coatings

Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) fibres are wellknown for their intumescent properties andas the chemical precursor of high-qualitycarbon fibres.We offer Range of short cut synthetic fibresand powders for use in the paints andsurface coatings industry.

These fibres when used in coatings improves :


  • Higher film ductility.
  • Advantages in sag reduction.
  • Crack Bridging properties.

Acrylic fibres provided by us are easily dispersed in all water based coating systems.

Vinapor DF 2941 F Defoamer Powder

Vinapor DF 2941 F (stab.) is a powder defoamer based on hydrocarbons. Vinapor DF 2941 F (stab.) can be mixed with all other powder components without any problems.

Fields for application are e.g.
ïï self-levelling underlayments (SLU)
ïï non-shrink grouts
ïï flowing floor screeds
ïï joint grouts
ïï repair mortars
ïï powder-based emulsion paints

Vinapor DF 9015 F Defoamer powder

R+D Vinapor DF 9015 F is a powder defoamer based on fatty alcohol alkoxylates on an inorganic carrier material. The addition of R+D Vinapor DF 9015 F can improve the quality of aqueous pastes or fresh mortars by reducing air content and increasing the density.

R+D Vinapor DF 9015 F is a very effective defoamer with a focus on ease of handling and dosage robustness. R+D Vinapor DF 9015 F is silicone free for maximum compatibility with different raw materials

MELFLUX 2651 F - Polycarboxylic Ether - PCE - Powder

Melflux 2651F is most successful and highest quality Polycarboxylic Ether(PCE) Powder, sold in Indian market, for last thirteen years.
Broadways Chemtech is the exclusive and authorised distributor for this product range in India.
Melflux is the benchmark product used by all leading Indian companies producing 'Dry-mix mortars', 'Industrial grouts', 'Self Levelling flooring' etc.
Melflux is a workhose product, consistently satisfying the requirement of Indian manufacturing companies since 2008. It is the pioneer technology adopted in India.
Melflux is produced in Trostberg, Germany, by BASF, and supplied with consistent quality, reliability, and availability for last over thirteen year to Indian market by Broadways.

We recommend our customers to be careful while evaluating / using any spurious or 'me-too' products sold in market as 'equivalent to Melflux 2651F'.

Our esteemed customers are also provided technical support, guideline formulations, by our technically competent and experience sales team of Broadways.

Further technical expertise is also provided by technical experts from our colleagues at BASF, Trostberg, Germany, to high-end customers for sophisticated formulations when required.

Note: All product from Broadways are supplied in original packing of manufacturer, with adequate labels, reasonable balance shelf-life etc. We recommend you to cross-check before buying from traders who claim to be importers of similar products with false claims.

Fields of Application:

  • MELFLUX 2651 F is especially optimized for plastification and water reduction of cementitious construction materials.

  • MELFLUX 2651 F provides an excellent development of early strength.

Fields of application are e.g.

  • Self-levelling underlayments (SLU)

  • Non-shrink industrial grouts.

  • Cementitious floor screeds

  • Repair mortars

  • Dry Concrete

Calcium Stearate

Broadways Chemtech as one of the leading importers and distributors of specialty chemicals for construction chemicals and dry mix mortar industry in India for over seventeen years.

we are pleased  to introduce our  CALCIUM STEARATE having high purity, high quality with consistant supply for Dry Mix Mortar industries.

Plast Retard PE- Powder Retarding Agent

Plast Retard PE is a highly efficient setting retarder by increasing the workability time proportionately to the dosage.

Plast Retard PE acts as retarder in the gypsum-water mixture slowing down the growth of the hydrate crystals.

The Plast Retard PE activity is characterized by the correlation between setting time and dosage and gives excellent performance at both high and low dosage rates.Generally Plast Retard PE is used alone in gypsum formulations but it is totally compatible for use in formulations containing citric and tartaric acidin order to have a delayed hardening and a suitable consistence/time diagram.

Plast Retard PE acts also in gypsum formulations containing lime, traditionally added as thickner and anti-mould agent.

Different uses of Plast Retard PE

Moulding plaster



Dental plaster

Joint fillers

Adhesion Mortars

Gypsum blocks ,stucco, plastering, machine application

Typical composition

physical form ivory-white powder

active substance 95 % w/w minimum

moisture content 5 % w/w maximum

solubility in water total

pH relative to 10% w/w solutions 8

volumetric mass 310 to 340 g/l

Plast Retard PE is available in 20 Kg bags palletized, 600 Kg units

Poraver or Light Weight Aggregates

Technical details

Ph value :8 - 11

Colour :creamy white

Softening point :approx. 700 C

shelf life : 5 years

Poraver is light weight aggregates used in various industries like dry, plasters , Canoe application, thermal insulating concrete, Architechtural Light weight concrete, porous light weight concrete, tiles adhesive, flooring , veneer stone , 3D priniting.

These aggregates are available in different Grain size of 0.1-0.3mm, 0.25-0.5mm, 0.5-1mm, 2-4mm etc depending on applications.

Kelcocrete DG- Diutan Gum Based Bio Polymer

Technical info
  • Physical Shape : powder
  • Appearance : white to slightly coloured
  • Particular : 180 m (80 mesh) , not less than 95% through
  • Drying loss (%) : max 15
  • Viscosity (mPa.s) (KTM 237) : 4000 -6500
  • Dosage recommendation (%) : Typically 0.01 -0.15

High performance viscosity-enhancing agent for cement based materials
Kelcocrete DG Diutan gum is a water soluble biopolymer produced by fermentation and supplied in powder form. It hydrates in the mix water and acts as a viscosity enhancing agent with pseudoplastic/shear thinning rheology profile) to prevent bleeding and segregation.
Fields of Application
  • Self compacting concrete (SCC)
  • underwater concrete (anti wash-out)
  • pervious concrete
  • pigmented concrete
  • flowable mortars and grouts

White PeCeVis 100 PS

Technical Data

Physical shape powder, granule

Appearance characteristic, white to slightly colored

Drying loss, [M. percent] max 9.0

Bulk density, kg/cubic m 400 to 700

pH-Value (20 C), 1 percent solution 7.0 to 9.8roperties - to be achieved ( For admixture).

Storage : to be stored in its unopened original packaging, store dry below 40 C and protect from excessive heat

Storage class 11 (combustible solids)

Transport regulation : not known as a dangerous good according to transport regulations  

 PeCeVis 100 PS is a granule powder based on a high-molecular weight synthetic copolymer.
It imparts a level of viscosity within a mix enabling the right balance between fluidity, passing ability and resistance to segregation - apparently opposing  properties to be achieved.

PeCeVis 100 PS is especially suitable for stabilization of self-compacting concrete with low fines content

Starvis 3003F Viscosity Modifying Agent

Technical Data

Physical shape :powder

Appearance : white to colored

Drying loss, [percent] : max. 10.0

Bulk density, [kg/m] : 250 to 400

pH-value (20 C), 2 percent solution : 6.0 to 9.0


Starvis 3003 F is a powder based on a high-molecular weight synthetic copolymer. It acts as a viscosity modifying agent to prevent bleeding and segregation

Fields of Application

Starvis 3003 F is suitable for stabilization of very fluid cement and calcium sulphate based mixtures, especially, e.g.

self-levelling underlayments (SLU)

Further suitable applications are, e.g.

  • dry-mix concrete
  • non-shrink grouts
  • cementitious self-levelling floor screeds
  • cementitious floor screeds
  • CaSO4-based self-levelling floor screeds

Vinapor WA 3810F Powder Wetting agent

Vinapor WA 3810 F (V1) is a robust wetting agent in powder form based on a non-ionic surfactant. R+D Vinapor WA 3810 F (V1) provides efficient wetting, robust handling as well as quick and easy application.

Fields of Application R+D Vinapor WA 3810 F (V1) is especially suitable for:
ï¨ Plasters and renders (especially cement based)
ï¨ EIFS mortars
ï¨ Joint compounds
ï¨ Skim coats   

Melment F10 Sulphonated Melamine Formaldehyde Powder

Leveraging on our vast industrial experience, we offer an extensive range of Melamine Powder. This product is processed in conformity with international standards using certified chemical compounds with the help of highly advanced techniques. This product is meticulously tested by our vendors on well defined parameters to ensure its optimum quality, precise pH value and purity. Apart from this, we offer this product at industry leading rates within promised time-frame.


  • Precise pH value

  • Optimum quality

  • Purity

Fields of Application:

MELMENTI F 10 is especially optimized for plastification and water reduction of cement based materials.

  • Self-levelling underlayments (SLU)

  • Feather-edge products

  • Non-shrink grouts

  • Cementitious floor screeds

  • Cementitious self-levelling floor screeds

  • Tiles adhesives and joint fillers

  • Repair mortars

  • Dry-mix concrete

  • Packaging:

  • 25 kg paper bag

  • 100 kg big bag


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